Why LiquidVinyl?

LiquidVinyl has nothing in common with normal wrapping foils. Wrapping rolls are applied with glue – after a short time this may cause bubbles under the foil, delamination of edges and radiuses. These bubbles cannot be removed properly. Because of the single sheets, raw edges and overlaps cannot be avoided.

Furthermore taking off the wrapping may cause enormous damage to the original varnish – even to the point of total destruction. In these cases the glue bonds together with the varnish – especially in hot regions, like on Mallorca, this could be a great problem. In addition the removal of the wrapping foil is more labour,- and cost-intensive than the application. We present pictures to show you some examples.

All this cannot happen with LiquidVinyl, because it is applied equally with a spray pistol and does not need any other resources like glue etc. apart from systematic cleaning. For that reasons LiquidVinyl can be peeled off without any residues.

LiquidVinyl is more robust, more multifunctional and long life than conventional wrapping. But also compared to varnish, LiquidVinyl spray foil has a great advantage – we are up to 70% cheaper than a normal paint job. In addition to that, there is no visual difference to varnish; our Vinyl even protects the varnish underneath from rust, UV, fuel, abrasion etc.