About us

B&C LiquidVinyl SOLUTIONS for Boats&Cars on Mallorca

B&C LiquidVinyl SOLUTIONS for Boats & Cars on Mallorca is your trusted partner for the new generation of spray foil, which combines the features of a modern varnish and a premium wrapping foil.

We give your cars, bikes, boats, sports-equipment, furniture etc. a new look, which is hard wearing, protective and resistant.

Would you like to give your vehicle or furniture a new look? The spray foil of B&C LiquidVinyl SOLUTIONS for Boats&Cars is compatible with any smooth surface. Even three-dimensional objects can be modified easily, due to the unique liquid spray foil assimilates flexible to any form. We give your objects a new style and create protection and a longer life at the same time. What in the past was only possible with conventional and expensive varnish, is today much easier and cheaper.

As well as matching any colour, B&C LiquidVinyl SOLUTIONS for Boats&Cars can also match any manufacture paint codes. You can choose any colour (RAL, industrial colours, and pearl effect colours) or put on a transparent film just for protection. In contrast to wrapping we offer our spray foil in addition to matt surfaces, as gloss and high-gloss coats.

Also we provide protection against stone chips, scratches, rust, ultraviolet radiation and humidity.

Our spray wrapping is extremely resistant: It is car-wash proof, indelible and weather- and fuel-resistant. You can polish and wax it like a standard varnish. And if you want another change: LiquidVinyl is completely removeable without damaging the paint. Just peel it off when desired, leaving no trace it was ever there, apart from the fact the original paint will still be like brand new.


LiquidVinyl – The product on Mallorca

The advantages of our spray wrapping

  • Protection against stonechips, scratches, humidity, fuel, rust, erosion, ultraviolet radiation, etc.
  • Want a change? Choose a new colour!
  • Our spray foil can be polished and waxed
  • Removal of the spray foil leaves the original surface in perfect condition (in contrast to adhesive residues of a wrapping foil)


  • LiquidVinyl is available in many different colours (manufacture paint code, RAL, industrial colours, pearl effect, transparent)
  • Suface-appearance: matt, satin, high-gloss